School Age

During the School Year

Tiny Town Childcare and Learning Center provides care for before school, after school, snow days, and non school days, and school breaks. Before school your child will have a healthy breakfast to help get their brains jump started for the day of learning at school. After school, they will get an after school snack and have homework time. Once homework time is over we off a variety of fun activities (air hockey is their favorite!) that helps them relax after a long day at school. On non school days we plan for fun activities to be able to enjoy their day off of school!

Summer Camp- Fun in the Sun

Summer camp is our favorite time of the year! We have so much fun going on field trips and doing fun activities. We keep our school age children busy during the summer! We look for community projects to do, run fundraisers (like car washes, bake sales) that they fully organize and run start to finish. Field trip fees are extra unless otherwise noted. We do our best to find the best prices and keep to a budget to make it fair for all families. Summer camp sign up begins on the first Monday of May!

Transportation To School

Kent City Schools pick up and drop off Davey Elementary children and Walls Elementary children. 

We provide transportation to Holden Elementary and Longcoy Elementary. 

School transportation is included in the school age tuition!

All of our drivers have meet the requirements to work in childcare as well a clean driving record and completes an annual driver's training that is provided by ODJFS.