Infants: Where It All Begins

Our Schedule

At this stage, your infant is on their own schedule when it comes to eating and sleeping. When you enroll, you will complete an infant care sheet that lets us know when and how much your baby eats as well as other important information about caring for your baby. We do activities, like tummy time, throughout the day. Each day you will receive a daily sheet that will outline your child's day as well as any items that you may need to bring in soon.

Developmental Milestones

Our infant teachers will work with your child to reach their developmental milestones. All activities will be designed to encourage your child to learn at their level of development. You will also get those cute hand print and footprint art!

What will you need to bring

Diapers and wipes

Premixed bottles

One full set of extra clothes


Pacifier if needed


We do our best to keep you informed when you are getting low on supplies.